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Singapore Netball Club (SGNC) is an open Netball club for experienced female players in the age category 17 to 35 years who want to continue playing Netball at a competitive level.


On Wednesday evening we train and play Netball at Kallang Netball Center.
The training is for experienced female adult players who played competitive Netball recently. The age group is 17 to 35 years

Additionally to the weekly training we will join 2 Netball leagues during the year and organize friendly games with other clubs.

Period: 35+ weeks per year
Day: Wednesday evening
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Kallang Netball Center
Club fee: $250 per year
Club student fee: $125 per year

Attire: SGNC club shirt ($35)

We participate in 1 league per year at no extra cost.

Extra payment is required if you want to join extra events, leagues, carnivals, etc.

For recreational Netball we refer to the following programs:

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